Dejting sidor chai tong chai

process." The tea is then taken off the heat, strained, and the option of adding sugar comes into play. Tea hasn't always been incredibly popular in India. (The tea got its color from the baking soda used to make the drink.) Others finish masala tea with a dollop of butter. Shiv Puri, co-owner of New York City's Bombay Sandwich., says that over a third of his customers refer to the drink as "chai tea." But they shouldn't. Normal operations resume on 15/2/2019 (Fri). In Mumbai, the chai wallahs are known for selling cups of "cutting chai" a smaller, cheaper portion of tea that comes in small handle-less glass cups.

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Notably, both the Chai Cart in San Francisco and popular cafe Dishoom in London say that they use black pepper in their tea as well. At Dishoom, the masala chai is made with half water and half milk, a spokesperson reveals. In a way, masala chai has transcended the world of beverages and can be found flavoring dishes both sweet and savory. However, there are a number of regional chai variations. dejting sidor chai tong chai

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